Hampi Sightseeing

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Hampi Trails

Description of event

See Hampi the UNESCO heritage site and its ruins with us in our organized tour package at your service on request. We arrange different Hampi tour packages as per the requirement of the guests, in our vehicles.

All the important places to see in Hampi are covered in our Hampi site seeing package, if the guest want to visit and see the nearby tourist attraction places then the site seeing can be combined as per the choice of the guests.


Trail Plan 1Trail Plan 2Trail Plan 3Trail Plan 4
Day 1:Hampi Visit & TB DamSight seeing of HampiSight seeing of HampiSight seeing of Hampi &
Day 2:Visit monuments at Anegundi,
Anjanadri Hill & TB Dam
Visit Badami, Aihole &
Visit Badami, Aihole &
Day 3:Visit monuments at Anegundi,
Anjanadri Hill & TB Dam
Visit monuments at Anegundi,
Anjanadri Hill & TB Dam
Day 4:Visit Daroji Bear sanctuary &
forgotten marvels of Hampi


Hampi Full Day - INR 3,150/- for 8 hours.

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Mathanga Hill - Sunset Point

Probably Matunga Hill is the most talked about hill in Hampi. Let it be its central location, the oversold sunset/sunrise view or the myths associated with it, this hill commands a special attraction.

Being at the centre of Hampi, and also the highest point, Matanga hilltop is the best spot to get an aerial view of Hampi and it's environs.

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Tungabhadra Dam

The Tungabhadra Dam is constructed across the Tungabhadra River, a tributary of the Krishna River. The dam is near the town of Hospet in Karnataka.

The dam gets filled with water during rains and water is supplied to the canals. It fulfils requirements of irrigation of land, production of electricity as well as prevents natural disasters like floods. Over the years, the site of the reservoir has become a popular picnic or tourist spot.

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Daroji Bear Sanctuary

This sanctuary is the only place where one can spot these Sloth bears, who are the honey-lovers endemic to India. The Sanctuary has a rough terrain and during the visit, tourist can spot animals like jackals, wild boards, mongoose, black-napped hares, leopards etc.

The sanctuary provides a watch tower view to the location where these bears are normally seen in the forests. The view from the watch tower is amazing and one can enjoy the overall terrain from the top using a binocular.

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Adventure Trekking

The ancient town of Hampi is a great place for trekking enthusiasts to explore the natural and man-made beauty of the land. The ruined town has a rocky terrain and several large and small rocky hills that are ideal for trekking.

At our resort we organize adventure trekking on request to the guests and groups, the coaches brief the participants a day early before the trek commences and the trek starts early before sunrise and finishes before sun set. It’s an unforgettable experience to trek in Hampi and its surroundings.