Home Rooms List
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Heritage Kutia

Basic luxury cottage featuring splendid furniture and soothing interior handmade designs crafted to perfection in an authentic style with the
facility of twin bed and with a landscape of hill fenced expanse.

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Heritage Villa

Offering a unique opportunity to relax and rejuvenate on your corporate holidays with an authentic style and modern amenities, heritage villa
extends a luxurious stay with queen bed and other convenient facilities
for your corporate meetings and events.

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Royal Haveli

Designed with meticulous details of handmade wall paintings, experience tranquility at Royal Haveli with all the luxurious amenities including
large bed and bath tub.

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Presidential Suite

Indulge in elegance and luxury with Mewar inspired handmade design on the
walls of the Presidential Suite with the dining space and Jacuzzi.

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Krishna Devaraya Suite

Featuring splendid furniture, Mewar inspired designs & the modern technologies, our cottages harmonise authentic style thoughtfully crafted to perfection.